About Us


History of Establishment

The history dates back to 1955 and had its beginnings in Singapore. Mrs. Hedwig Anwar and the late Mr. Wilfred J. Plumbe first conceived the idea of setting up of a library association covering Malaya and Singapore. Using the name of the University of Malaya Library they sent out circulars to all librarians and interested persons inviting them to attend a preliminary meeting to discuss the possibility of the formation of a library group or association.

The circular was sent out towards the end of 1954 and about 47 persons responded by attending the meeting held at University of Malaya Library, Singapore on Friday, January 7th, 1955 at 8.30 p.m. These 47 people came from both Malaya and Singapore, the largest number coming from University of Malaya Library, Singapore. The meeting chaired by Mr. E. H. Clark unanimously agreed that there should be a library organization to unite all interested in library work. A subsequent meeting held in the Raffles Library on Friday, March 25 1955 and attended by 36 members agreed to the formation of the association named the Malayan Library Group.

Now, the Malayan Library Group has been known as Persatuan Pustakawan Malaysia (PPM). PPM has endures more than 60 years of establishment with various achievements.


To be a leader of excellence in the development, promotion and support of Malaysian library and information professionals and institutions in global knowledge industry.


Recognizing that libraries and information centres are strategic resources for national development, Persatuan Pustakawan Malaysia is committed to the creation of an information-rich knowledge-based civil society, through the promotion of information equity, lifelong and independent learning, and enhancement of library and information professionals.